BVE Content Service System consists of the protocol and a series of softwares developed by @zbx1425 , along with storage servers contributed by our community. We are working on indexing and hosting the BVE Trainsim route resources on the internet, and providing easier one-click installation for players.

This program enables you to search and install routes in a easier way.



Android Download Android Source Code

If any problem is encountered, feel free to contact developer at!

By redistributing or modifying any of these programs, you automatically accept all the statements described in GNU General Public License (GPLv3). If you are against this license agreement, we recommend uninstalling this software. You can get a copy of this license THERE .

Upload Routes

A platform without resources is meaningless. We welcome developers to upload your routes, or repost authorized routes to our platform. Please refer to this document if you are interested!

Route uploading tutorial

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